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Make an IMPACT on your  potential customers using highly effective animated videos that compels them to take ACTION. Not tomorrow or the day after, but immediately after watching the video!
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We have helped over 200+ companies across 4 countries to tell their story by producing memorable animations that create understanding and confidence in their brands & products.

And Many, Many More...


Most popular! Great fit for most businesses
Describes most products and services
  • Includes Premium Full Range 2-D Animation
  • Includes English Script-Writing Service
  • Includes Premium Background Music
  • Includes English Voice-Over
  • Includes Premium Graphics
In-depth explanation of a product or service
Time for a sales pitch
  • Includes Premium Full Range 2-D Animation
  • Includes English Script-Writing Service
  • Includes Premium Background Music
  • Includes English Voice-Over
  • Includes Premium Graphics


Over 200+ SATISFIED CLIENTS across 4 COUNTRIES 🌍 & counting...


“THANK YOU for the awesome work over a very short window of time that you all did! We had a very successful show and the animations were a nice change to the traditional videos. My compliments to you for the great team that you have built up and for managing us all through a tricky window.”

Steven Madden
Vision Technologies


“It was wonderful to work with them, they helped design a beautiful video for us. They were able to provide helpful suggestions for the design and direction we should go in. They were flexible with ideas and patient to work with. They communicated throughout the process and delivered amazing results. We will keep them in mind for future projects!”

Kristine A
Smart Solutions


“Incredibly impressed by Elevate Digital Media's work. They were very easy to work with, prompt and created exactly what we needed! The animation video made an excellent impact on our potential customers using Social Media channels. Highly recommended.”

Garett Menzies
Westpoint Dental Clinic


“Fantastic work and really pleased with the results. Raj was exceptionally patient while we fine tuned the design and really went the extra mile to make sure we were 100% happy. Highly recommended!”

Ben Rodgers
Desmond CCTV Installers


“Elevate Digital Media is fast and efficient with what I needed. They OVER delivered on requirements and sent in extra variations, more than I needed and I greatly appreciate. I plan to work with them again in the future. FANTASTIC WORK.”

Shauna Kent
The Alternative Choice 


“It was wonderful to work with them, they helped design a beautiful video for us. They were able to provide helpful suggestions for the design and direction we should go in. They were flexible with ideas and patient to work with. They communicated throughout the process and delivered amazing results. Definitely our choice for future projects!”

Mohd. Iqbal
Smart Solutions


  • Dedicated Project Manager: Each one of our video ordered with us gets assigned to a dedicated Project Manager. He/She will follow the progress of your video production from start to end and will be your point of contact with us.
  • Concept & Idea Conceptualisation: We come up with a strategy to sell your idea to your audience. This will be based on the project brief provided by yourself as well as any discussion we may have.
  • Outstanding Script: We have with us a number of expert scriptwriters who not only have a way with words, but have excellent story-telling ideas. Our script will showcase your business's service or products in the best possible way to get your customers hooked immediately!
  • Eye-catching Graphics & Animation: Our graphic designers and animators are our gems! They specialise in creating and delivering a video that is not only captivating, but absolutely gorgeous!
  • Professional Voiceover: Choose from our wide selection of professional voice-over artists, to suit the voice you desire for your sales video.
  • Background Music: Your videos will also incorporate the use of a music or melody that creates the right 'feeling' or 'mood' for the video to resonate better with your audience.


Here is our GUARANTEE when you place an order RIGHT NOW with us...


Everything you'd need for a perfect video is included in the price that you pay today. All you'd need from expert advice and planning to script-writing, graphics, voice and animation.


We know we dislike the feeling when prices change without reason. That is why we offer a fixed price for your video. That way you get to plan your budget better.


When you work with us on your video, you have a team of experts on your side. We have literally worked on hundreds of videos, and you have access to our collective knowledge.


We work hard to deliver your project on time. You will get to know exactly when each part of the video is ready. On average, it takes about 4 weeks (approx. 21 working days) to produce your video from script confirmation.


You always get the chance to provide 3 rounds of feedback for any revision in the script writing and animation processes). If you are not satisfied with our third attempt, which is very rare, you may request 3 more changes for RM 750. 


When you contact us to provide a feedback or ask a question, we promise to revert within 24 hours (usually even faster). We endeavour to keep our lines of communication open via Phone, WhatsApp and email through the course of your project.


How long does it take to produce my video?
It typically takes about 3 weeks or 21 working days from start to end to complete your animated video after you place your order. Your cooperation and time taken to revert with feedback during each stage will also determine how long it takes us to complete your project. We recommend that if you don’t have the time to oversee the project, to assign someone who can be on top of it.

Depending on your order and it's scope, we may be able to accept a express order, which will incur an additional charge of RM1000 per order. You may discuss this with your Project Manager after placing your order. Express orders are typically completed within 14 working days.
Are there any additional costs after I place my order?
We dislike it when prices changes for no rhyme or reason too. A 60 seconds video will cost you just RM3499 and that's it. Here is our complete price list of 2D animated videos (cartoon style):

31-60 seconds – RM 3500
61-90 seconds – RM 5000
Longer videos  – Please contact us

For longer duration videos and other types of videos (whiteboard, 3D etc.) drop us a note at for a custom quote.

NOTE: If you want this video for TV Advertising there will be an extra charge to get the copyright. Charges will vary depending on the elements you wish to use, but it’s usually around RM 5000 extra for full TV Broadcast copyright.
What is the process / stages involved in my video?
Your animated video goes through numerous stages from start to finish. This includes completing your Creative Brief, discussions held with your Project Manager, writing a Script that will bring your story to life, giving your video a voice, to graphics design and animating the video to delivery. For a more detailed explanation - Refer to the PROCESS section above.
What if I am not satisfied?
Your satisfaction is what we strive for! All of our videos come standard with a maximum of 3 revisions. This applies to the script writing and the video animation elements only. However the details of the revision required by the client needs to be conveyed to our video production team within 2 to 3 days of initial delivery at every step of the process. If you are not satisfied after our third attempt, which is very unusual, you can request for another 3 revisions for RM 750.
Do I get to choose my voiceover artist?
Absolutely! After placing your order with us, you will have the option of selecting the following options :

+ Malaysian accent
+ Singaporean accent
+ American accent 
+ British accent 
+ Australian accent 

Other nationalities can also be sourced on request, drop us an email at to check on availability.
How long should my animated video be?
It depends on how you intend to use it. But people do have short attention spans. Therefore, it is important to keep the video short and to the point while still obtaining all the necessary information. 

The video only needs to provide enough information to get viewers interested in taking the next step (buy product, give you their contact info, try for free, and so forth).

We typically recommend:

60s – Explains calmly most products or services.
90s – Explains in-depth your service or product. Includes a winning sales pitch.

What does my Project Manager do?
The production of your animated video goes through various intricate processes and numerous people with various skillsets are involved in it. In order to ensure that your objectives and goals are conveyed directly and accurately to the people working on your project, each order will get assigned with a dedicated Project Manager. 

Your Project Manager will be your point person for the production of your animated video. He/She will communicate with you throughout the production process to understand the objectives of the video, outlining the best way to achieve it, as well as liaise directly with the people involved in the project from our scriptwriters, voice-over artists, animators, graphic designers and others.
How long would my scripts be?
he length of your script written by our scriptwriters would match your video length selection. Typically the following applies:

60 Seconds - 150 to 175 words
90 Seconds - 200 to 250 words

We also do cater to longer videos more 120 seconds etc. Do drop us a note at or WhatsApp : +60172517806 for a custom quote.
What payment methods and plans do you have?
We typically work on a 50% Deposit and 50% Balance payment payable before the final delivery of the animated video to the client. You can make a payment via a Bank Transfer or simply complete your purchase online by clicking the 'Order Now' button. Payment can be made online via any major credit or debit card. Our payment system is fully secure and provided by Stripe & Senangpay - one of the leading online payment processors in world and Malaysia today respectively.

For any additional work that may not be included in your initial order, payment links will be provided to you via email by your Project Manager.
I Want To Talk To Someone First…
No worries! Send us an email at and we will answer any questions or concerns that you may have in no time at all, and arrange a quick call if you'd prefer that as well.

Alternatively drop us a WhatsApp at +60172517806 and we would get back to you very shortly.


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